Some pictures of the house, garden, terrace.. they love to play out side when the weather is perfect... 


by Lisa

Tess ... May 12 on the morning


Yes it's Lucy!!!!


Lexus waiting to go to the garden




Tess .. not sure to walk on that!!!

You said lunch time????


Tess running ah ah

Yes yes it's Lucy


Are you coming???


If you dont want it I will eat it for you!!!



by Lisa

Lucy relaxing May 7....



April 30, 2004

After a good bath... The show (Amiens France) is for tomorrow May 1st, Tess and Lucy playing on the terrace


APRIL 28... playing on the terrace..



Some pictures on the terrace March 3, 2004



Our travel in Montluçon France

March 20 & 21, 2004