Sorry it's in french ... I will translate it as soon as possible


I'm not a professional!!! j'ai appris en regardant les autres, en aidant des handlers professionnels américains... et comme tout le monde, sur mon premier chien d'expo

 You will see some of my tools I'm using during my grooming time...

 . A grooming table, a GOOD dryer, a pillow. Bands, small scissors to cut your bands An excellente brush, a comb , a good shampoo and conditionner...


When your are traveling dont forget: a small portable grooming table, dryers, helping hand for holding your small hair dryers  and all your products to give a bath  near of like home... 

For Shangai still a puppy, I'm using a small round pillow more confortable and not able to fall down when she is moving her head


Tess on her bath... a small baby tub is a good size for shih tzu, douchette à débit réglable, tapis anti-dérapant

Best position to dry the coat..


For Tess a different form of pillow,   

ready to play!!!



grooming maintenance in between show


Lexus ready ...

Lexus at the hotel in USA.. 

ready for the show 


Tess at the show ... just before the show grooming


Shangai 6 month old 

Head grooming - TESS

After a night show in Portugal... it was 3h00 am and just before the last show on the morning.3 shows in 2 days!!! 




 8 décember 8, 2001

 Top Knot Preparation



an other vew of Tess'top knot   


TESS waiting before the main ring



He is Champion and you dont want to show him anymore..why to keep him in full coat.. ????

He will be so happy to run free in your garden ..

1/ Find the help of a good friend

2/  Get good scissors and clippers




     et voilà...a beautiful collar and a good life!!!


Tess  11/11 2002 Le Bourget  Félix was her groomer!!!

Some pictures of Lexus grooming ...






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